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Today I am joining some other bloggers featuring their upcycle diys. Thank you to Terrie for getting us all together. And if your here you came from Michelle’s beautiful blog.

My upcycle is an old crate I had that I wanted to use as a tray. it had quite a bit of paint splattered on it. In fact when I bought if from an older gentlemen at the flea market, the look my hubby gave me! Well, he was a sweet old man and I have a soft spot when they are selling at a flea market I attribute that to my grandpa when I was younger. He was a junker before junking was cool and would sell his amazing junk at the local flea market. I remember most his line of old bottles all different colors. Cobalt blue, mint green, aqua they were all so beautiful to me even back then. So see its in my veins!!!

Sorry got off on a rabbit trail. Back to my old paint spattered crate.

I gave it a coat of milk paint, love this stuff it sands off in all the right places so easily.

Then I just started adding in what reminds me of Spring:

Clay pots

Vintage plant markers

Vintage bunnies that were my father in laws when he was a youngster (makes me sound old)

And greenery, a live plant in an old terra cotta pot.

Now to have some vintage seed packets would have made this amazing, but I don’t insert, sigh.

Okay have you started your Spring decorating yet? If not head over Cindy’s @clochesandlavender

Here is the list of bloggers be sure and visit them all for some more inspo!


16 thoughts on “Upcycle DIY

  1. Oh Corine, I love that crate! The items that you put in it remind me of spring too! And old seed packets are one of my very favorite things!!! We have a few old crates that were my husbands grandfather’s. A Canada dry one… and one that you can just barely see that it had writing on it. I love both them! However they are very deep. I have used them several times in decorating. Wish one was more like yours so that you could put it out on a table etc. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your grandpa would be so proud of your AMAZING collections, Corine! You have an eye for all that gorgeous chippy goodness that I adore so much! I have several crates I’ve picked up over the years, and you’ve inspired me to pull them out and add of few treasures of my own. Pinning and following so I can check out even more! 🙂

  3. You never cease to amaze me Corine! The create will be perfect for a display of the spring items you placed inside it. Love the clay pots and how you have them, so creative. It all looks so pretty.

  4. What a great way to update and display items using your lovely vintage crate. You certainly have a creative knack for decorating and displaying one! Love it!

  5. Love this crate and the look with milk paint. I haven’t worked with it yet but I am going to go for it now. Love how you have the flower pots too! Do you use Miss Mustard Seeds? Can you let me know what brand you use. Chalk paint no problem for me. But milk paint I want to buy the easiest. Thanks.


  6. I love the chippy vintage look! And your tray looks amazing! I love how you’ve decorated it. I haven’t had a chance to work with milk paint yet, but I can’t wait to try it out.

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