DIY Bunnies from Fence boards

These were so fun to make especially if you have a handy dandy hubby like I have. I have no skill on the scroll saw, that’s where he comes in.

First we rummaged through the cold at our local lumber yard and found some 4′ treated dog eared fence boards. We brought them home to dry out some before using them. The next step is to make your pattern. I just winged this part until I liked how it looked. MY hubby loves it when I have several lines on a project and he has to guess, not really!

I used a small plate to help draw out the head.

And after my hubby cut them out we had cut three one by strips to go across the backs of the bunny to hold it together.

I wanted to just white wash it. I diluted white paint with a little bit of water.

Then it needed a little decoration so I added some moss to the ears and some little white flowers. I tied some raffia around its neck and I love it!

I hope you like this diy and let me know if you make one. I would love to share it!

God Bless!

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