Recipe of the Month

Nana’s Moist Banana Muffins

It’s a thing! I’m starting a new series that will be a new recipe

every month. And since it is cold here in Michigan I do a lot of

baking. I love baking muffins they are perfect for a quick

breakfast or as a snack. This recipe is one I have made at least

a thousand times. The addition of hot water makes them so


Banana Muffins:

1/2 C softened butter or margarine 1 1/2 C Flour

1 C Sugar 1 t Vanilla

1 Egg 1 t Cinnamon

1 C Banana about two to three bananas 1 t baking soda dissolved in 1/2 c hot


First puree your banana by hand or with a food processor.

Then cream your butter and sugar until light and fluffy..

Now add your egg and cream together and then add your bananas and keep mixing. Now add your flour and all of the other dry ingredients along with your vanilla. Mix until combined. Now dissolve the vanilla in your water and mix. Then add to your mixture. I mix mine by hand but you can use a mixer if you like. Just be sure and don’ overmix. Muffins and any quick bread don not like to be mixed too much. Just until moistened.

Now add to your muffin pans or loaf pan. I used a heart ceramic pan as Valentines is right around the corner.

Excuse the pan it is many years old!

This recipe makes twelve muffins or three mini loaves or one regular loaf of banana bread.

Let me know if you try this recipe. I think you will love it!!

God Bless!

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