Two Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas for Children

I always make my grandchildren candy bouquets for Valentines day. I’m going to show you how I do them today. In case you have some little cutie you would like to make one for.

When I choose the candy and extras for the bouquet I keep each childs age in mind. I’ll show you each one I do, the younger ones I try and add a little more of something other than the candy so as not to over sugar them lol. And the younger ones go into a container so they do not use the skewers as swords. Their parents will appreciate that.

I glued the big boxes of candy together, don’t worry it doesn’t hurt the candy, just use a little. Then hot glue or double tape the candies to skewers or small dowel rods would work too. I put a tye dyed scrunchy around the boxes after hot gluing them together, since it’s for my granddaughter. In the middle of the candy boxes I put some floral foam to hold the skewers. then just fill in the hole with some pretty tissue paper.

The next gift idea is just a dollar store basket filled with dollar store goodies.

One is for a girl and one for my grandson. They are both younger so I chose a little carefully as to not sugar overload them and then added some inexpensive toy items. My granddaughter loves stuffed animals and my grandson loves dinosaurs. It was so fun making these and I hope they bring a smile to my grandchildren.

I hope this gives you some ideas and lets you know you can do inexpensive gifts but make them look more valuable and fun for your loved ones..

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