Simple and Easy Winter DIY

As you know I love adding in all the cozy for the Winter months. I’ll be adding in some Valentine decor soon too. But first the cozy!

This DIY is so easy and you have probably already done it, but just in case.

First you need a vase whatever size works for you. and an old sweater that no longer fits you. In my case I may or may not have gained a little weight over the holidays so I had a few that would work for this project :{. Or go to Goodwill and grab a cheap one.

Then cut off whatever section you want for the right amount of texture. Use some spray adhesive and simply wrap your section of knitted fabric aka sweater around the bottom half of the vase. I’m using mine as a candle holder. And I think I will be making a few more. Make sure and roll under the top and bottom of your piece.

These was so and simple! Now if losing the weight could be as easy!

Hope this gave you an easy inspo idea! As always thank you for stopping by!

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