Do you have goals for your home or yourself for 2021? I’ve been thinking about the word goals. I usually feel pressured to come up with a word of the year or a resolution. Which, if you know me at all I break resolutions before the month of January is done. And put under pressure I can never think of a word I think everyone else would think is a good one. I know crazy right? Im not a good on the spot thinker, never have been. You know when the teacher would call on you and your mind would go blank! That was me all the way!

But goals I think I can do! I love writing lists and crossing off during the day as I get them done. So yes goals I can do (I think). A list for myself is way too long to write. Lets just say the Lord is definitely busy working on me.

Here is my list of goals for my home and yard this year:

Stairway walls (I’m working with a wonderful company on this one, I cant wait to share).

Painting second floor doors. Right now they are bright blue as the first floor ones were when we bought our home.

Repainting and sealing our dining room floor.

Moving some flower gardens and making the yard easier to maintain. (still in the thinking process of this one).

Start more seeds inside this year. That seems to be the best way for my garden at this home.

Flower bed

How about you? Are you making goals or etc…?

As always thank you so much for stopping by!!!

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