My Simple Winter Mantel

Going from holiday decor to Winter:

Okay the holidays are done and at our house that means the house is a disaster. After the family all leaves we just basically pass out for 24 hours. For me that means I take a day or two and just relax, ignore the mess around me and binge watch something on tv and eat way too many dessert leftovers..

After we are rested up and back in our own minds again the clean up begins. First I take and put away anything that screams Christmas, anything red or shiny garlands or Christmas pillows.

For my mantel you can see I removed my nativity scene and added some diy winter trees. The trees are so easy to make. Just drill a hole in a log piece and stick in a evergreen pick or a piece of greenery from your yard. Easy peasy and inexpensive. After I had removed all Christmas looking decor I then add back in some Winter and some cozy factors:

Like throws and sweater pillows and always candles. I cant have enough candles in the Michigan long Winters. Anything that speaks warm and cozy to you, add in.

Rare Sunshine

Do you see little Cloie peeking at you? I hope this helps you get into the mood of changing your decor up for the coming months. Next up will be Valentines Day. I dont usually do a lot for that but I am trying to stretch beyond my normal for 2021. We will see if I can do it!

Thank you so much for stopping by it always makes me smile and is a big encouragement. Let me know if you have any ideas you would like to see for 2021.

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