Two Easy Christmas Crafts From Dollar Store Items

I am always looking for some little gifts I can give to neighbors or friends and family. These two ideas have been given out and everybody loves them.

You start with a large plastic candy cane. I got mine at the dollar store.

Then I chose my fabric, I went with some red ticking fabric. You could choose whatever goes with your decor style.

Rip the fabric in about two inch strips and as long as you want.

Then hot glue the end on the tip of the candy cane and then just wrap the whole cane.

Make sure and pull tightly and glue periodically. Decorate as you like. I used some muslin fabric and rusty jingle bells and berries.

Next project

Snowman drink mixers

You just need these stir sticks. I got mine at a craft store. The snowman jingle bells I got at the dollar store. Can you tell I love the dollar store.

This one is so simple just hot glue the snowman head to the top of the stir sticks. And Wala it’s done.

I do tie a small piece of ribbon unto the stick just below Mr. Snowman.

Here they are ready to gift.

Hope this helped you get started on some Christmas gifts or decor for you.

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