The reason I decorate for Christmas early.

My first tree is up! I know it’s early for some of you. But when your an influencer and need to make posts at a certain time it speeds up the process.

I honestly enjoy Decorating early because after Thanksgiving I get to just enjoy all the traditions as a family we do.

And it takes me three weeks to decorate inside and out. I am taking my time this year and trying to be more intentional with my decor. Which has made me enjoy the process more.

Instead of rushing to get it done I’m having fun at it! If I start to get tired and find myself throwing something together I stop and think on it overnight or even a couple of days.

So if your wondering if it’s too early, do what makes you enjoy it best. This year more than ever we need to enjoy these little things.

The Lord has definitely put that on my heart through all this turmoil this year.

So are you an early decorator or after Thanksgiving kind?

2 thoughts on “The reason I decorate for Christmas early.

  1. Your decorations are beautiful! I’m hoping to get mine up earlier this year. We usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving and decorate all weekend. I’m always exhausted because I spend Friday shopping all day but this year is a lot different.

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