My last Fall diy coming at ya!

I joined some sweet ladies on Instagram to do a candy bowl challenge. It was do fun to come up with something creative and useful.

I usually don’t decorate for Halloween, we are empty nesters and live in the middle of nowhere so trick or treaters do not come here.

That being said it was extra fun to do this! I used an orange pumpkin pail I got for a dollar at Walmart.

I put three coats of paint on the outside and just brushed the inside with a quick coat of black.

I took the handle off and added a piece of wire for the handle, but first I had some beads left over from a garland I had. I added them to the wire for a beaded handle.

I added splotches of black paint around edges and by face to resemble enamelware.

Please check out all of the other creative ladies containers over on my Instagram.

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