DIY Lanterns for the Porch

I have been wanting a couple of wooden lanterns for my porch for a while now.

Ombre pumpkin pile

I decided to diy some. The ones I liked in the store seemed simple in design and when I showed the hubby he said “you could diy them yourself you know” nothing like a hubby who has faith in you.

I did let him know I would need his help lol.

Boards cut

We always have extra pieces of wood laying around, I could be known as a wood hoarder, depending on who you talk to!

So I figured out the sizes I wanted. And then cut my pieces out. And then we (and by we I mean the hubby) nailed them together with his nail gun. I’m still scared of that thing! One of these days I’ll get brave.

I wanted more layers so I cut some smaller pieces to layer on top. Then I found some finials I had picked up at a yard sale and added them to the top.

Finally I stained everything. For now there is a white pumpkin inside each. I am waiting on some battery operated flameless candles to put inside.

You can see exact details and measurements on my hometalk page. I’ll attach the link below.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope I inspired you to try and remake something you have seen in a store you wanted. Please let me know if you do! I’m cheering for you!

27 thoughts on “DIY Lanterns for the Porch

  1. Oh Corine, your lanterns are fabulous, what vision you had with just a few simple pieces of wood! I agree about the nail gun, so nice of your hubby to help you! Your house looks amazing, you have really been busy with wonderful and natural fall decorating!

  2. These are so pretty and rustic, Corine! Perfect for a fall porch! Thanks for sharing your lanterns at Tuesday Turn About… Hope to see you each week! I’ll be featuring you at this week’s party! Pinned!

  3. Thankfully I have lots of peole in my life who are not afraid of a nail gun!! Our corn stalks are on the wood pile but drenched after our share of rhe rain coning through our area! Guess I needot ask my husband to take care of that!! And I LOVE your fall porch!

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