Farmhouse Style Ceiling Fans

I am not a fan of ceiling fans, no pun intended. But the living room in our farmhouse needed one badly. It has very large windows which I love for the light. But in the Summer months it can get very toasty in there. We live in an old farmhouse that does not have central air.

It had been a long while since I had looked at ceiling fans. Boy have the styles changed. There is lots out there now and beautiful styles.

I wanted a fan that went my decor and style of my home. When I found I was doing a happy dance! They have farmhouse style, glam style, and industrial style ceiling fans. And at affordable prices.

The one I chose

I chose a more farmhouse glam type one. And It comes with a remote control too! Can you tell I’m excited 🙂. It’s very quiet also.

I loved this one also

Your probably not as surprised as me about the selection available out there. Apparently I don’t get out much!

Use the following link and my code save10 to save even more.

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