A Cheap and Easy Way to Add Shiplap

Horizontal Shiplap

When we were remodeling our old farmhouse. I knew I wanted to shiplap a lot of the rooms.

Some of the rooms had original shiplap already on them but it was too damaged. We needed to find a way to do some shiplap inexpensively.

We did some researching on the internet and then did some searching at our lumber yard.

We decided to use eight foot by four foot pieces of laun. Then we to cut eight inch strips out of each piece I liked the little wider look. This is what Luan looks like. We had already cut some from this board.

We hung it horizontally in our dining room and kitchen.

Horizontal with open shelving in the kitchen
Vertical Shiplap Accent Wall

We used it vertically here in our living room as part of an accent wall. Some people use a penny in between each piece for a little gap. With the luan it’s so light we just put it where we wanted it. We staggered the pieces also so it wasn’t long sections in a row and cut different size widths. . We wanted it to look like real shiplap.

This was the cheapest way for us to do this. At the time It was $11 a piece for the 4 x 8 boards. Hope this helps you want to do some shiplap.

If your looking for a cottage or farmhouse look this definitely adds it.

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