Garden Progress

My Cut Flower Garden

I promised you an update on how my garden has been doing. And if you’ve hung in there waiting I want to tell you I appreciate it so much!!

With the hot muggy weather the garden really took off.

My Morning Glories are climbing and growing all over the place and the Cosmos should be blooming soon.

My Zinnias are starting to bloom like crazy.

Cucumbers and Zucchini

The veggies are starting to produce nicely. The potatoes are all done and we have been harvesting the them.

First Harvest

The corn is tasseling the beans are producing.

Corn and Pole beans

I’m so excited things are growing well even after a case of cucumber beetles.

The pumpkins are struggling. I’m really hoping and praying they can catch up and give me a good supply like last year.

How is your garden flowers or veggie doing this year?

Thank you for visiting!!

4 thoughts on “Garden Progress

  1. Your garden looks amazing. Ours is doing really well to. I have lots of green and yellow beans, cucumbers, green pepper and banana peppers galore. I even planted egg plants. I love the way they grow. They look like tear drops. Keep harvesting. I’m freezing beans right now then canning tomatoes. I Love you sis!

  2. Corine, your garden looks absolutely amazing! Ours looks really well this year too. I have green peppers, cucumbers, green and yellow beans Galore. Our cherry tomatoes are so sweet! I am in the process freezing the beans. Then canning Tomatoes within a couple weeks. If you get bored you know where I’m at 🙂 if you need help I’m here. You’re doing a wonderful job I love to see your pictures. I wish I could send you some of our garden. I’ve never planted eggplants before but they look like teardrops when they first start growing. I love you keep it up Brenda

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