4 Simple Ways to Easily add Farmhouse Charm to Your Home

Vintage Frames

I know I’ve talked about this before, but adding a vintage or new to you frame in your home adds so much texture.

And texture is so important when your styling your home. It adds dimension too.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers or in my case fresh weeds. I seen these in our field and immediately thought what a delicate bouquet. You can bet I got the look from my hubby on that one! Sometimes it takes him a while to see the beauty.

I even bring in a bunch of branches to stick in my big jar. Anything alive like that just brings your space to life.

In the Fall and Winter I bring ing evergreen or just bare branches from my Curly Willow.

Warm Wood Tones

In farmhouse decor adding in some warm Wood Tones really pops, especially against a white background.

In my dining room I have used a lot of wood tones in shelves, accent pieces and wreaths.

A Simple Addition

To my mantel I just added an old reclaimed wood piece I found in our barn. It gave it so much more depth and I think made it really pop.


Baskets, I use them everywhere. For storage as plant holders and to put a small vignette in. They give so much texture and character.

Plus you can find them super cheap at Goodwill.

I hope this was helpful to you. I wanted to show you don’t have to have a ton of money to decorate your home in a cozy comfy farmhouse way.

Please share and let me know if you used any of my ideas.

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