Bathroom Refresh on a Budget

Hi there friends. Today I’m showing my bathroom refresh. When we bought this fixer upper the bathroom was the first room we wanted to renovate. We were living in an RV but let’s face it the bathrooms in those are not very big.

Here is the before photo. We had a ceiling to tear down and burgandy carpet to remove.

We painted first after demo and put in a bead board ceiling. There was so much that needed done in other rooms we wanted to get this one livable and clean. Time to make it more my style would have to wait.

And I’m glad I waited. I needed to find my style, what makes me happy. I am more cottage farmhousestyle I think lol.

So I started searching for a neutral cottagstyle wallpaper for a good price. Wallpaper Direct had just the right one and at an incredible price.

I had some bead board wallpaper left over from another project so I out that on the opposite walls. It’s heavier and hide all the marks in the walls that we couldn’t get out.

I then took a 1×4 and added hooks I had. To hold some towels and decor. Everyone needs a watering can hanging in their bathroom don’t they?

I added some warm wood tones and some greens.

Then I picked up some prints half off at Hobby Lobby that I had been admiring.

It is now my style, I smile every time I pass this room now. Moral of the story, it doesn’t take much to make your style your own.

Shop your home, move things around. Make your home make you smile.

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