Making a diy wall letter board

I have gotten some questions on how easy wall letter board was to make. Let me tell ya it is super easy!

I wanted to do this cheaply and knew I had some lath boards left over from a previous project.

I figured out my quote I wanted to do with my letters. Size of my letters are are 2″. And according to my size of the wall I wanted to use.

My Supplies

I cut my boards to size times two for each line of the quote. I then painted the boards.

The boards glued and letters slid in

Glued the boards together just at the bottom so there is a slit in the top for the letters.


To hang it on the wall I knew I have a habit of changing my decor so I didn’t want it permanent. So I used two small nails for each board and then just leaned the boards against the wall.

I added some silk eucalyptus I had ordered from Amazon to frame it somewhat.

If you do one, tag me so I can see. Trust me if I can do it you can too!

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