Adding flowers to our Farmhouse porch

You guys the weather in Michigan has been perfect, so excited to start adding some real live flowers to my porch!!! Que happy dance here!
As you know I love vintage items for my planters plus I change so much that it is a way cheaper way for me to go. Most of my planters came from yard sales and none over $3. Yes I’m cheap!

I got some lavender!!

They are going in some planters on the deck and one will be on my porch area. Lavender will come back every year so I don’t mind paying a little more for them.

I put my vintage chair out on the porch and added some vintage garden items and clay pots on them.

I added some silk flowers to my little window box here by the door and a peach zonal geranium on my metal table.

On the steps I used old galvanized pails as planters.  I have dappled red geraniums and pink gypsophila in them.

Hope this gave you some planting ideas for your Summer planters.

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