Starting my seeds for the garden

I love gardening at Curly Willow Acres, this home has so much natural light.  At our other homes I was never successful at getting the plants to grow.  I could get the seeds to sprout but then to my dismay that was it.


Here I’m showing my cheap, err budget friendly way of creating a greenhouse effect to help the seeds sprout.  I had a couple of the seed starter kits that I used (with the plastic domes over them) but I couldn’t get anymore because of the quarentine.  So I made my own with some plastic wrap. It worked!


The effect you are going for is a very moisture filled atmosphere. Water everyday and keep the plastic over your container.  When they sprout give them air to grow and reach for the sun light. Oh yes they do need lots of sunshine or at least be by a window.  In Michigan we are not getting much sun but my plants did well.

Now I’m not an expert Gardener and do not pretend to be.  I was just so excited that this worked and I have all kinds of plant babies.


Are you going to try to grow your own plants this year?

Are you planting a garden?

Let me know in comments.  And thank you so much for stopping by.

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